Our Capacity / Equipment

Our Mold shop

    There are 350 sets of injection molding machines, 260 sets of them are Electric servo-driven machines.

    30 to 1,600 ton clamping force, over 90% are from Japan and equipped with robotic arms and dedicated chillers / oil heaters.

    Vast application of general and engineering plastic resins including ABS, PC / ABS, POM, SAN, Nylon, PC, PMMA (Acrylic), PET, PPT, PPN, TPE, TPR, PPO, PPS, PS, ASA, PP, optical PC and glass / mineral-filled materials.

    Anti-dust molding environment – for lens and white parts production.

    Single and Double shots molding available.

    Rapid heat and cold molding system available.

    Insert molding with programmed robot arm.






Molding Machine









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350 sets






30T - 1600T